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Sell Colorado business Please Click below, or on the video thumbnail, for video references of successful brokered sales of Denver business.

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Colorado Business Broker, Paul Olsen & Co.

Our Only Objective is to Sell Your Colorado Business!!
The CBG Team

We create value for our customers in every transaction....this always creates a higher sales price and better terms. This helps us both since you get a higher sales price and WE earn a higher fee since the fee is based on the final sales price.

That means our interests are always directly aligned with our customers - in every deal. That's the way it should be.

"Paul Olsen, Business Broker for CBG, has been serving Colorado Business owners for 24 years in all areas of Business Valuation, Consulting, Business Sales, and Exit Planning. Please call him direct at 303-382-1900 to discuss in 100% confidence how he can help sell your business under whatever terms you seek.

If you want to talk on the phone or perhaps meet face-to-face, to discuss how best to prepare your business for sale, our group will always be here."
Company Broker Group was founded in 1993 and became the region's most productive independently owned Colorado business brokerage, specializing in business valuation and negotiating mergers/acquisitions with an emphasis on representing business sellers. We also engineer creative financing solutions for small to medium sized businesses.

We utilize time tested resources that have proven to be the most productive and our agents and brokers represent more than 50 years of collective experience in the buying and selling of businesses. We have developed lasting relationships with business buyers and financing solutions. We provide senior level experience for every transaction and have a solid reputation in Colorado, built on trust and confidence. We sell businesses "Quickly and Quietly".

From the very start Company Broker Group has helped Colorado business owners Sell Businesses, make the right decisions on tax issues, Business Ownership Transfers, Business Valuations and Exit Strategies. We show you how to build your company's wealth, yielding you maximum return for your Company when you are ready to sell.  Your business is likely the most valuable asset you will ever have.  We'll show you how to think ahead and prepare for your company for it's future sale - from the very start.    

We have sold Colorado businesses in most industries — including; construction & manufacturing, service, truck and automotive repair, wholesale/distribution, light industrial, business-to-business, road work and paving, cable installation, fire/water damage recovery, technology and internet, and many other professional service oriented businesses.

We a wide array of videos, describing successful sales and hundreds of very  here>> to see our video testimonials.

Most people sell their business with the following four goals in mind —
  1. Thehighest monetary yield and a rapid closing time
  2. The most favorable terms on all facets of the deal
  3. An experienced, qualified buyer - a buyer with drive and ambition whose business history is the closest to his skills for running the company successfully. Also, someone who's financial backing is strong enough to grow the business in the future.
  4. All of the above accomplished “Quickly and Quietly”
To sum it up - you may have ten to thirty years invested in your business. You owe it to self and family to to get the most you can for your business with the best terms!  Selling your business will likely be the single biggest pay check you'll ever get - you are selling your most valuable asset.  You only have one chance to make the best of it!

No matter if your business is medium or large size, or even a multi-million dollar chain, when you are ready to sell it - Company Broker Group will get you the maximum return with the minimum investment of time.  That's what we promise you.

Sell a Colorado Business

We are the Denver, Colorado leader in Business Brokerage and Merger and Acquisition Services, Business Evaluation, and Exit Strategies. We Sell Colorado Businesses & we Sell Denver Businesses. We specialize in middle market businesses throughout Denver Colorado and the United States.  Our experienced team of broker/advisors provide you with all the tools and experience you need to sell your business successfully. As one of the top firms in the country for business sales, we give you the edge.

Make Plans to Sell Your Colorado Business Well in Advance

Selling your business is one of the largest financial events of your life. Money can be lost in the business sale - without proper planning. Sadly, most business owners do not have any form of Exit Strategy.

Selling your business at the wrong time or without the right information can substantially lower the value of your business. Get informed with the facts you need to plan your future and maximize your sales price and terms.

If you would like to get on our email list, we would like to privately email you periodic information on various topics related to preparing your business for sale. 

Our success:

Statistics prove Business Brokers and Merger/Acquisition specialists, on average, are more effective than the average two dimensional broker.
  1. Other Brokers take 12 months to sell a business
  2. Other Brokers sell only one out of five businesses they put on the market
  3. Other Brokers suffer a 30% to 35% sale price reduction between listing and closing. Here, the business owner suffers the most, in a reduced sales price.

For many years Company Brokers, Inc. has enjoyed measurably better results:

  1. On average, We sell Denver/Colorado businesses in 3-4 months, not 12 months
  2. On average, We sell 19 out of 20 Colorado businesses listed - vs. just 1 in 5 for the average broker.
  3. On average, We get our sellers 20%-30% more money than the listed sales price. That is a 50% to 60% sales price increase vs. what other brokers secure. Hundreds of thousands, or even millions more, for the Colorado business owner & seller.

These (3) broker performance measurements are critical to getting the business owner as much money as “quickly” as possible and as “quietly” as possible.

There are 2 main reasons for our unparalleled success in selling Colorado businesses! We sell quickly and quietly, unlike other Colorado business brokers and Merger / Acquisition specialists.  The result is a quicker sale, more money, and NEVER breaching confidentiality.

  1. We already have the buyer relationships. To be clear, we don’t represent buyers, but we have spent many years cultivating over 2,000 relationships with highly-qualified buyers throughout the country that stand ready and willing to buy the businesses that we represent. This is critical as other brokers "have to go out and get the buyers" for a new business listing.

    This means they have to “market” your business on the open public where the world will know you are selling your Colorado Business. We can instead quietly and privately target your business to a select group of buyers that we already know are qualified to buy and move swiftly.
  2. The second reason for our long term success is that other brokers often have to do 40-50 “showings” to get an offer for you, and that offer typically does NOT prove out to a closing.  We don't do "showings" we make use of videos that entirely detail the business you are interested in. This eliminates a parade coming though your office and all the “foot traffic” that other brokers bring in an effort to market your business.

You may have spent 10 or 20 or 30 years building value in your business. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to maximize the sales price and terms that you ultimately get on the sale of your business?  This may be the largest check you get in your life for selling the most valuable asset you own. Make it count!

We hold free dinner seminars on a wide variety of topics related to the preparation and ultimate sale of your business. Colorado Business Topics include:
  • How to prepare your business for sale, in advance, to increase your value by up to 70%
  • What are the Action Steps to Take Today to improve the business value for a sale later?
  • How to avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Business Owners Make Before Selling Their Business
  • How much is your company really worth?
  • How do you manage the transition of ownership to minimize the business tax consequence?  Whether you have a C Corp, S Corp, LLC, Sole ownership, etc, each can have a significant costly tax consequence if you structure the deal wrong for your side

One thing is for certain, YOU cannot run your business forever!

  • Are You Now Preparing sell a Colorado Business?
  • Are You Preparing to Sell your Colorado business Within the Near Future?
  • Are You Preparing to Transfer Your Business to Other Family Members?
  • Would You Like to Minimize Taxes on a Business Transfer?
  • Would You Like to Build your Business' Value before You Sell?
  • Are You In Need of Pre-Sale Planning Tips?
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Why use a full-time professional intermediary to Sell your Business?

Sellers always benefit from using a Professional Broker. The biggest benefits include: spending your time managing your business during the selling process (keeping up net profit and gross sales and maintaining confidentiality about the sale.

Confidentiality is all about not alarming customers, employees and suppliers.

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"We Will Sell Your Business Quickly & Quietly"™

Better Business Bureau

Company Broker Group is Rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau

Shawn Hagerty, Avante Telecom Inc., Denver, Co. Sold in 40 days at 2 times the asking price.

Jim Freamen, Attain Technologies Inc. Denver, CO. Sold in 2 mos. for just under 2X asking price.

David Lustrum, Owner 3 UPS Stores says: "The broker (Paul Olsen) produced 7 full priced Letters of Intent within just 6 weeks. I got over $1MM for all 3 Stores!"

James Elgie, Owner Je-COR Mechanical, 40 Year Old Denver Truck Repair Co. "In just 60 days Paul got me a perfect buyer for 2 X's the contracted sales price."

Dan Meyer, Intermountain Coach Inc. A $30MM-$35MM/year Bus and Coach sales and Leasing Company in Colorado. I got full asking price for it!!

Dan Teege, owner of Water Service Company in Denver, MECI Water Electrical. Paul Olsen did a solid job generating over 10 qualified buyers

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