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You probably know the exact market value of your house! You probably know the balance in your our checking accounts, and the value of your IRA. But, do you know what your most valuable asset (your business) is worth and what criteria it is valued on?

It always amazes me how many business owners don’t consider the importance of a professional business valuation. This is imperative for the purpose of planning a business, but it is likewise important for estate and partnership buyouts as well.

Every business owner who understands maximizing his business value should have a periodic business valuation performed.

We offer a complete, thorough approach to understanding how your business is valuated, and the best positioning for highest profit – when you are ready to sell.

You may have worked much of your life building the business you are considering selling. Doesn’t it make sense to spend a couple of hours exploring how we value that business, so when it’s time to sell, we can sell it faster and for a bigger selling price than any other brokerage

Our Professional Colorado Business Brokers employ multiple methods for arriving at an honest business valuation for your company. Please allow us to learn more about your business and prepare a market analysis or business valuation.

This service will cost you nothing, but it will help you clearly understand current value drivers in today’s business market.

It is the VERY first step in the sale of your business!

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