Buy a Colorado Business – Why Buy an Existing Business?

A Gallup Poll has shown that 65% on men over age 21 would like to own their own business.

If you would like to Buy a Colorado Business please call or email us. We will send you a comprehensive list of 5-10 businesses that we have for sale. We will immediately email you sales packets for any business you want.

The sales packets all include 5 years of tax returns, CPA financials, (income statements and balance sheets), aging reports of accounts receivable and accounts payables, detailed assets lists, equipment lists, and a 40 minute long video detailing the entire operation and interview with the owner. These videos are what set us apart from other sales packets!

The motivations for owning a business are simple: job security, control of your own destiny, financial independence, more freedom, tax breaks, potentially more income, and the ability to build equity in something that you can someday sell for a lump sum or take a payout for throughout retirement from key employees.

Many business buyers think businesses are for sale 

for many reasons, and the main one is, it has fallen on bad times or is in a distressed state. However, there are lots of good reasons why healthy businesses are selling every day.

These include: illness, retirement, disputes among partners, relocation, desire to upgrade or downgrade, or the owner is no longer interested. Often, the owner just wants a lifestyle change after 10-20 years of doing the same thing. This is quite typical.

Why Buy a Colorado Business vs. Starting New?

An established business has a regular clientele, a popular product or service, and has a good location(s). A solid business is nearly always very transferable, with the proper training and an effective introduction to it’s existing customers and suppliers.

FACT: 57% of startup businesses fail within 3 years. This statistic validates the concept of buying an established business with good reputation, reliable employees, and products or services already in demand – with good growth potential.

The above statement is a major reason I think people should buy an established business today vs. braving a startup or buying an existing franchise. You can take something that is very well established, make it your own – then elevate it to the next level with renewed energy, new capital, new concepts, and even better management skills.

Almost always, what the new owner brings to a business is new enthusiasm that the current owner lacked because ten or twenty years in the business has left him burnt-out – he wants a change. What I do as a “business intermediary” is to educate the buyer, negotiate for him, save him hassles – as well as money, present the facts, and unite the buyer and seller. Your job is to communicate, ask the best questions and to honestly state your goals.

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