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Colorado Business Broker Paul Olsen can successfully guide you through the sale or purchase of a Colorado business – from start to finish!

To sell a Colorado Business or to buy a Colorado Business – it makes absolute sense to use a native. local, Colorado Business Broker!

From the Seller’s Side:

Most of the time, a business broker or (M&A) expert is the one listing businesses for sale. The majority of the time, the business broker represents the business seller and his duty lies solely in getting the highest possible return – and the most attractive terms for the business seller.

Sellers need to realize that, no matter how good the broker is, it is market value and the quality of the sales package that will determine the final price and terms of the sale. A principle function of the business broker is to determine the highest value of a business, based on realistic market indicators and to help the seller assume a realistic value for his business.  A Denver business broker like Company Broker’s Paul Olsen will aggressively negotiate the BEST possible deal for his seller.

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A competent, professional Colorado business broker will draft a superior marketing package, appealing to the better quality buyers, with the means to qualify easily. The broker also needs keep the seller in the loop from start to finish, providing current status of the listing and insuring absolute confidentiality of the sale until the seller is ready to go public.

At any rate, selling a Colorado business requires bi-lateral cooperation – the seller and his qualified Colorado business broker. The business seller needs to also keep the business broker in his loop, with updates on the current operational status of his business, like sales trends, industry trends, fluctuations in the financial arena, adding/purchasing major new collateral like heavy equipment, and fluctuations in the inventory.

The broker and the seller are a team; with mutual goals, a broker’s success is the seller’s success.  Finally a professional and confident business broker will not demand “up-front money”.  A broker that demands an up-front fee is showing you he is not confident he will be successful, and want’s his guarantee of income from YOUR pocket. A true pro knows he will succeed and takes his fees once the deal is closed.

The commission on the sale of your business should be based upon the final selling price stated in the contract. The logic of this is obvious, working on commission alone, Paul Olsen, your Colorado Business Broker, has a personal stake in getting you the highest selling price possible. The more you make, the more he makes. The broker and seller’s interests should be 100% aligned.

From the Buyers Point Of View:

The advantages of a buyer working with an experiencedColorado business broker are realized in the many opportunities available to the Colorado business buyer. Many buyers end up in an entirely different business than they originally intended, by virtue of various businesses available for sale on the Colorado market.

At Company Brokers, “we are very effective at creating great sales packets that allow the buyer to remotely review the business offering from their home or office.  Please call or email us for many of our comprehensive sales packets”.

No serious player likes wasting time, and a savvy Colorado business broker representing a savvy Colorado buyer make a great team. The goal is to only spend time viewing business that both fit the buyer’s budget and the income needed to support their families. Buyers want an honest, open view of the prospective business. A business broker is an intermediary – he can resolve issues and avoid miscommunication early before it gets crucial.

Professional Colorado business brokers will add value to the sale of a Colorado business. A professional Colorado business broker understands typical Colorado problems that can plague a deal – before they arise and turn into deal busters. Colorado business brokers have the unique knowledge and local savvy to take a colorado business sale to the finish line!

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Colorado is Colorado, and like no other state’s people, laws or terrain. If a Colorado business buyer and a colorado business seller are honest with a Colorado business broker, a win-win situation is assured – all speak in the same regional spirit. In Colorado, buyers and sellers should have high expectations about what a genuine Colorado business broker can offer in his native operating space.

Almost all businesses have the following assets:

  • Fixtures / equipment
  • Inventory (or stock-in-trade)
  • Accounts Receivable and/or Working Capital.

It is also possible that a business might include some of these assets:

  • Real estate / “Bricks & Mortar” edifice of the business
  • Customer and/or mailing lists
  • Patents/copyrights
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Large, heavy equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Proprietary software & other assorted technology

All of the above assets, and many others, can be a positive or negative factor on the asking and final selling price on the sales contract.

People considering selling their Colorado businesses or those looking to buy a business in Colorado should know the advantages of using a professional, tenured Colorado business broker or a Colorado Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) expert to sell or setup business in the unique state of Colorado.

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