Paul Olsen, Denver Business Broker and owner of CBG.

Paul has served Colorado business owners in selling businesses and structuring transactions.  Paul is a veteran deal maker that provides the small to mid-market business seller with a high level of quality resources and expertise in all types of business sales.

Paul Olsen has owned several successful businesses throughout his life – so he knows what is important to the business owner. As a business broker, he has been involved in over 200 business transactions and prides himself on being an aggressive negotiator and a strong advocate for his business sellers to get them the best deal possible. Paul is very proud of the job he has done for all his clients over the years. Please see the extensive library of video testimonies from Colorado business owners detailing the state – and the approach he uses to sell businesses.


Paul heads up a team of business brokers and other professional associatesthat assist him in the successful completion of business transactions. His office concentrates on businesses whose annual gross revenues are above $1,000,000. For over 2 decades, Paul has conducted over 200 educational seminars throughout the Front Range on a wide range of business topics.

Paul Olsen is a native of upstate New York, but has lived in Denver since 1990.  He has a strong finance and sales and marketing background.  Paul holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego and his master’s degree from Colorado University(CU).

When he’s not at work, Paul enjoys running, skiing, hiking and spending time with his two daughters, Evie and Madelyn. Paul has climbed 49 of the 54 Colorado’s 14,000 foot mountains.

You can reach Paul at 303-382-1900 or

Paul Olsen Denver

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